A film by Esther Johnson
Year: 2003
Duration: 00:09:00
Language: English
Country of Production: UK
Production Format: MiniDV Pal
Screening/Exhibition Format: DCP
Versions: 1 screen
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.33
Picture: Colour and B/W
Sound: Mute
Distribution: vTape!

Commissioned by Hull Time Based Arts for the Speechless programme, silent projection works for the public realm

Homewards explores themes of place and home through poignant letters received by loved ones working away. Letters featured in the project range from soldiers during World War I and II, and the Iraq War, highlighting the nature of separation, memory and disenchantment.

Film Festivals and Special Events

3rd Hull International Short Film Festival 10.03
Speechless, Hull Time Based Arts, Public Realm Projection onto the Rank Hovis Building, Hull [demolished in 2015] 02.03