Work in Progress

a collaborative project by Esther Johnson and residents of Bolsover

Year: 2018–19

WORK explores ideas and the realities of what ‘work’ means for the way we live today, engaging directly with the experiences of contemporary working lives.

Esther Johnson is working with Junction Arts to look at the post-mining legacy of deindustrialisation in Bolsover, and the different experiences of work, lack of work, and unemployment across generations.

WORK is an ambitious and innovative two-year practice development programme  supporting animation and moving image artists to develop, produce and exhibit films in collaborative contexts. Initiated by Animate Projects and four other Midlands based organisations:
Junction Arts Chesterfield, Fermynwoods Contemporary Arts Thrapston, Vivid Projects, Birmingham and QUAD, Derby.

This project is supported by Arts Council England.

Current Reading

Oral History Theory
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Reanimating Industrial Spaces
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Life in Bolsover:
Poverty Audit Report 2015/16

Heather Rabett, CVP
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The Struggle Over Work
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Ronald Blythe
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The Making of the English Working Class

R&D Phase

May 2018
· Bolsover Recce and Library Research

June 2018
· Meeting with Bolsover groups including the wonderful Freedom Community Project
· Meeting with Dennis Skinner MP for Bolsover since 1970

July 2018
· Rediscovering the Radical: Theatre for Social Change Summer School
· Visit to the Houses of Parliament, London