A film by Esther Johnson
Year: 2004
Duration: 00:04:50
Language: English
Country of Production: UK
Production Format: 35mm Film
Screening/Exhibition Format: DCP
Versions: 1 screen
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.66
Picture: Colour
Sound: Stereo
Distribution: vTape!

Commissioned by Site Gallery

The minutiae of daily flux as seen over 24 hours through a 360° time-lapse pan around the city of Sheffield.

Included in Immediate 3, New Art from the North
Site Gallery, 2005, Sheffield, UK, ISBN 1-899926-61-5

Gallery Exhibitions

Site Gallery special event, Sheffield 06.06
Immediate 3: New Art from the North Sheffield 31.07.05–08.10.05
Projection Window: Site Gallery Sheffield 09.05

Film Festival

Urbanity Calgary, Canada 25.09.09