Johnson, E. (2023) The Beacons of Hull 44-page photo book the modernist

Johnson, E. (2021) SHIPS in the SKY: The Co-op Connection 44-page book the modernist

Book Chapters

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Essays and Magazine Articles

Johnson, E. (2022) LIBERATION RADIO: using archive film and oral histories to retrieve the little-known story of American Military Deserters during the war in Vietnam in ViewFinder Magazine Issue 119, Learning on Screen, ISSN is 2634-8179

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Poster Booklet

Johnson, E., Nguyễn, N., Sweet, M. (2021) Liberation Radio fold-out poster and booklet published to accompany the premiere exhibition at Manzi Artspace, Hanoi

Johnson, E. (2021) Ships in the Sky in It’s Never Dull in Hull edited by Nick Ikin for the modernist


Johnson, E., (2020) Class Work Tribune 16-page newspaper published to accompany the film a ROLE to PLAY

Johnson, E., Ballin, D. (2016) The People’s Echo 12-page newspaper published to accompany the exhibition A share of a pensioner’s Christmas ‘Bonus’ at the National Coal Mining Museum for England

Journal Articles

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DVD Releases

Alone Together, the Social Life of Benches
DVD and booklet publication, BP028, AHRC project, London, 2015

Tough Stuff from the Buff
Artists’ film DVD, Buffalo, NYC, 2009

The Sheffield Pavilion 2009
Artists’ film DVD and book publication
Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum [now Art Sheffield] Sheffield, 2009

Purescreen DVD *03
Artists’ film DVD
Castlefield Gallery Manchester, 2008

The Bigger Picture
Artists’ film DVD
Cornerhouse [now HOME] Manchester, 2007

Purescreen DVD *02
Artists’ film DVD
Castlefield Gallery Manchester, 2007


Picturing Lockdown Collection, May the Force Be With You selected as one of 100 submissions to be added to the Historic England Archive, 2020

Sheffield Children’s Festival
Festival publicity material, Sheffield, 2010 and 2011

Waiting Room
Aesthetica Issue 13, p.17, May–July, York, 2006

Fashion Design
London: Laurence King Publishing, 2005, ISBN 13-978-1-85669-436-0

Royal Horticultural Society
National Photographic Competition Award-Winner, London, 2004

Lab Magazine, London, 2002

Audio Releases

Repetune audio work
Host 9: Otherliness HAG (Host Artists’ Group), CD, Sheffield, 2009

Basic Demographics
Signatura Recordings, vinyl, Brighton, 2007