Acrophonic Principle

2012 // 1′ // HD // UK

a film by
Esther Johnson


Gallery Exhibitions

One Minute Hull, Artists’ Moving Image Festival, One Minute (Volumes 1–8) The Museum of Club Culture, Central Library, Studio Eleven Gallery and Thieving Harrys, Hull 06–08.11.15
One Minute (Volumes 1–7) Furtherfield Gallery London 01–23.11.14
One Minute (Volumes 1–6) 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Scunthorpe, UK 11–12.10.13
One Minute (Volume 6) Magmart festival, CAM Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Naples, Italy 03–04.05.13
One Minute (Volumes 1–6) Furtherfield Gallery London 02–03.02.13
One Minute (Volume 6) The Museum of Club Culture, Hull 24.11.12
One Minute (Volume 6) Dark Hours/Fixed Space Aid & Abet, Cambridge 25.10.12

Film Festivals and Special Events

One Minute (Volume 6) One Minute Artists’ Moving Image Festival North Wales Caernarfon 23–25.02.18
One Minute Volumes 3–9 NightLight Liverpool 2016, Liverpool Small Cinema, 13.05.16
One Minute (Volume 6) The Museum of Club Culture, Freedom Festival, Hull 07.09.13
One Minute (Volume 6) Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair 24–27.05.13
One Minute (Volume 6) Glimmer 10th Hull International Short Film Festival 10.12
One Minute (Volume 6) One Day Wonder(ment), Alexandra Park, Manchester 30.09.12
One Minute (Volume 6) The Horse Hospital London 27.09.12

Web Exhibitions

One Minute Visualcontainer TV 26.07–01.09.17

A short montage exploring semiotics, linguistics and a game of rebus. Acrophonic Principle links pictoral representations with letters from the phonetic alphabet in order to symbolize the initial syllable or phoneme of the name of an object. The aural soundscape is comprised of the initial sounds of letters, and the name of the object represented visually, adding a further layer of texture to the work.

Acrophony is the naming of letters in an alphabetic system and uses the initial sound of a word. A fictional depiction of this process is demonstrated in ‘How the Alphabet Was Made’, one of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’.

This film is part of an ongoing series of filmic representations that explore, and are inspired by, visual and mathematical systems and instructions.

Made for the One Minute Volume 6 programme curated by Kerry Baldry