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Plunge Flip Bump Score — Blanche Pictures — work by artist and filmmaker Esther Johnson

Plunge Flip Bump Score

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2014 // 25′ // Stereo // UK // SoundCloud

a radio feature produced by
Esther Johnson

Blanche Pictures

funded by
a Dreamlands commission for Radio Arts

Plunge, Flip, Bump and Score refers to the common features of a traditional pinball machine, the mechanics used in order to win. Pinball machines are a symbol of nostalgic Americana yet there is still a dedicated community of pinball players who compete in tournaments around the world.

Pinball might conjure up nostalgic images of dusty seaside arcades, but talk to a pinball expert and you will soon be reminded that pinball is a serious game. Random and never the same twice, it pits a player’s skill and patience against the machine. Johnson visits the UK Vintage Pinball Parlour to explore the world of analogue machines in an age of digital gaming.

Radio Broadcast

Resonance fm, UK 24.12.14

ABC Soundproof, Australia 02.11.14

ABC Radiotonic
  Australia 31.10.14 and 02.11.14

Phonic fm UK 04.09.14