The View From My Window

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2012 // 45′ // HD // UK // IMDb

a film by
Esther Johnson

Su and David Emerson
Maureen and Ted Howell
Quentin Huys
Nick Lee
Doris McGovern
Pauline Mazzella
Chris Osburn
Chris Petit
Daniel Rees
Ying Wing

cinematography, sound and editing by
Esther Johnson


sound mix
Peregrine Andrews

Blanche Pictures

Made to mark the 50th anniversary of the Golden Lane Estate

Filmed in 2010 whilst Artist-in-Residence for EXHIBIT Gallery Super Estates Foundation

An observation, investigation and social record of the lives and thoughts of ten residents of the Golden Lane Estate, London. Built in the late 1950s by Chamberlin, Powell and Bon, the Golden Lane estate exemplifies an utopian ideal of social housing. The View From My Window Tells Me I’m Home documents the life of the complex over half a century since its construction and asks questions about domestic and private space and of making a home in such an iconic and distinctive architectural environment.

Background on the Golden Lane Estate
A symbol of postwar recovery, the original idea for the Golden Lane Estate was to build council housing for the residents who serviced and worked in the blitzed City of London. From the outset, the complex was considered to be a model of social cohesion with tenants including doctors, office workers, cleaners, secretaries, caretakers and clergymen. A microcosm of urban amenities on the estate initially included a public swimming pool, bowling green (now tennis courts), nursery, pub, shops, police office and estate office – several of these remain. Today the estate is Grade II listed and has approximately 1,500 residents, with a split of council tenants and leaseholders.

In addition to the film made for this project, Johnson invited residents to audio-record their favourite route through the estate. These audio walks outline what each resident noticed in their immediate environment, and how the space made them feel. The recordings are accompanied by a map outlining each resident’s chosen route.

Gallery Exhibition

In Place of Architecture Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, UK 06.11.15–11.12.15
Screenings of work by Esther Johnson La Vidéothèque Nomade, Brass Centre Culturel de Forest Brussels, Belgium 12.03.15
The View From My Window Tells Me I’m Home EXHIBIT Gallery, 20 Goswell Road, London, in collaboration with Open House 21–28.09.13

Film Festivals and Special Events

Building Happiness: 10th Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam Lantaren Venster Rotterdam 14.10.18
Back to the Future Trinity Arts Centre, Lincoln, UK 21.11.15
Publica Film of the Month Clerkenwell, London 05.01.15
Reel Islington Film Festival, Resource for London 01.03.14
Publica Clerkenwell, London 08.01.14
Workplace Cooperative 115 London 09.12.13

Conference and Symposia

In Place of Architecture
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, UK 06.11.15
Modern Futures AHRC Workshop and Screening University of Central Lancashire Preston, UK 23.01.15


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