2000 // 8’55” // MiniDV Pal // UK

a film by
Esther Johnson

Rachel Johnson

1 screen and 2 screen


Award Winner Becks Futures 2, Film and Video Awards, ICA, London

Gallery Exhibitions

Becks Futures 2, Film and Video Awards ICA, London
Sponsored by the Guardian and supported by Dazed and Confused.
Programme toured to:
ICA, London 2001
Sotherby’s, New York 2001
Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh 2001
Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool 2001
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle 2001

After Silence Blue Room, Royal College of Art 02.01
Artist screenings 291 Gallery, Hackney, London 02.01

Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence (1963), Duologue is a two-screen work investigating döppelgangers and repetition. The film shows mirror images that are trapped in perpetual non-communication, like Bergman’s protagonists (the sisters Anna and Ester), wandering aimlessly through corridors yet never moving forwards. The repeated motif of feet echo the young boy Johan in Bergman’s film who comments on Anna’s feet as, “walking around with you, all by themselves.” The monotony of movement is amplified by a looping soundtrack.