Outside or Inside?

2001 // 6’11” // 16mm // UK

a film by
Esther Johnson

Solo Gallery Exhibition

Outside or Inside? Installation, The Henry Moore Gallery, Royal College of Art, London 05.01

Film Festival
Asolo Art Film Festival Italy Finalist International Competition 2002

Television Broadcast

ROOTX Festival, Kingston Interactive Television, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull 2002

Outside or Inside? is an exploration into the nature of cinematic off-screen space. The work acts as a collection of audio-visual haiku’s, each fragment suggesting elements of narrative but not necessarily in a linear manner. There is a strong emphasis on the power of sound in film that asks the viewer to question whether what they hear informs what they see, or what they see informs what they hear?

Created in conjunction with a thesis titled Beyond the Frame, of which an extract was published in Filmwaves 22 3/2003, pp.40–43 ISSN 1460-4051