Point and Shoot

2007 // 1′ // HD // UK

a film by
Esther Johnson



Finalist One Minute Film and Video Festival Aarau Switzerland

Solo Gallery Exhibitions

Always and Never at Home ARGOS centre for art and media Brussels, Belgium 08–16.10.16

Gallery Exhibitions

Look at Me ARGOS centre for art and media Brussels 26.01.19–28.04.19
One Minute Hull, Artists’ Moving Image Festival, One Minute (Volumes 1–8) The Museum of Club Culture, Central Library, Studio Eleven Gallery and Thieving Harrys, Hull 06–08.11.15
One Minute (Volumes 1–7) Furtherfield Gallery London 01–23.11.14
One Minute (Volumes 1–7) Furtherfield Gallery Finsbury Park, London 25–26.01.14 and 01–02.02.14
One Minute (Volumes 1–6) 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Scunthorpe, UK 10–11.05.13, 19–20.07.13 and 11–12.10.13
One Minute (Volumes 1–6) Furtherfield Gallery London 19-20.01.13
One Minute The Gallery, Cow Lane Studios, Manchester 09.07
One Minute Cog Collective Candid Arts London 06.07

Film Festivals and Special Events

Fugitive Projects  Dublin Electronic Arts Festival Ireland 09.10
Fugitive Projects Beautiful Lives The Canadian Film and Video Institute and The Banff Center, Banff, Canada 08.10
Fugitive Projects Solus Filmbase, Dublin Ireland 2010
Fugitive Projects Co-Lab organized by Birdhouse Collective Austin, TX 2010
Fugitive Projects Version 10 Festival Screening, Chicago, IL 2010
Fugitive Projects Small House Screening, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010
Fugitive Projects MVMA Fest 2010 Marfa, TX 05.10
Fugitive Projects Harmony Landing, Nashville 30.05.09
One Minute A Perfect Drop Victoria, Australia 31.08.08
One Minute Hornsey Town Hall, London 17–18.05.08
Glimmer 6th Hull International Short Film Festival, UK 16.04.08
One Minute Directors Lounge Berlin 02.08
Pixelpops! Orkney Islands, Scotland 03–20.12.07
One Minute Contact Theatre Manchester 2007
AFX 2007 The Amsterdam Film Experience The Netherlands 11.07
One Minute Gallerie NoD Prague 10.07
One Minute Film and Video Festival Aarau Switzerland 08.07
One Minute 4th International Video Art Festival In Public Spaces, Out Video Russia 08.07
BBC Big Screen Bradford and Hull, UK 07.07
Exploding Cinema, London, UK 06.07

Web Exhibition

One Minute Visualcontainer TV 26.07–01.09.17
Tank TV Web Archive 2008

POINT AND SHOOT/instructionmanual#4 uses quick-cutting and juxtapositions to explore visual instructions, from SLR and Bolex manuals, for taking the perfect picture and sequence in time.
A short animation in an ongoing series of formal experiments which take instruction procedures and mechanical apparatus manuals as a starting point.

Made for the One Minute Volume 1 programme curated by Kerry Baldry