Study in Light and Form

2008 // 1′ // DVCPro50 // UK

a film by
Esther Johnson



Gallery Exhibitions

One Minute (Volumes 1—9) Contemporary Art Ruhr Germany 30.10.20—01.11.20
One Minutes
Bridlington Contemporary Film Festival 01–10.09.18
One Minute (Volumes 1–9) Harrington Mill Studio Gallery Long Eaton, Nottingham 10.03.18
One Minute Quick Quick Quick at The London Art Fair 17–21.01.18
One Minute
[.BOX] MiArt Fair Milan 31.03.17–02.04.17
One Minute Hull, Artists’ Moving Image Festival, One Minute (Volumes 1–8) The Museum of Club Culture, Central Library, Studio Eleven Gallery and Thieving Harrys, Hull 06–08.11.15
One Minute (Volumes 1–7) Furtherfield Gallery London 01–23.11.14
One Minute (Volumes 1–6) 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Scunthorpe, UK 10–11.05.13, 19–20.07.13 and 11–12.10.13
One Minute (Volumes 1–6) Furtherfield Gallery London 19–20.02.13
One Minute (Volume 2) The Backdoor Melbourne, Australia 27.06.09
Artprojx Space London 19.11.08–20.12.08
One Minute (Volume 2) Directors Lounge at Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen, Germany 14–16.11.08
One Minute (Volume 2) Hull Film at The Red Gallery, Hull 18.10.08
One Minute (Volume 2) The Marseille Project Gallery France 18–21.09.08
One Minute (Volume 2) The Gallery, Cow Lane Studios Manchester 26.06.08

Film Festivals and Special Events

Fugitive Projects  Dublin Electronic Arts Festival Ireland 09.10
Fugitive Projects Beautiful Lives The Canadian Film and Video Institute and The Banff Center, Canada 08.10
Fugitive Projects Solus Filmbase, Dublin, Ireland 2010
Fugitive Projects Co-Lab organized by Birdhouse Collective Austin, TX 2010
Fugitive Projects Version 10 Festival Screening, Chicago, IL 2010
Fugitive Projects Small House Screening, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010
Fugitive Projects MVMA Fest 2010 Marfa, TX 05.10
Videoholica Video Art Festival pre-production Tour Dobrich; Ruse; Sofia; Plovdiv; Veliko Tarnovo; Stara Zagora; Balchik, Bulgaria 14.05–10.06.10
Videoholica Video Art Festival VisualContainer TV Milan, Italy 01.12.09–15.01.10
Videoholica Video Art Festival Indifference Festival Belgrade, Serbia 09.12.09
International Video Festival of Kansk Siberia, Russia 21–31.09.09
Videoholica Video Art Festival Varna, Bulgaria 04.08.09
Fugitive Projects Harmony Landing, Nashville 30.05.09
One Minute Directors Lounge Berlin 17.02.09
One Minute Billboard Project Berlin 2009
R/Evolution QUAD Derby 28.01.08–01.03.08
One Minute (Volume 2) The Contact Theatre Manchester, UK 10.08
One Minute (Volume 2) Directors Lounge, The Scala, Berlin 23.10.08
One Minute (Volume 2) Roxy/NoD Prague, Czech Republic 21.10.08
One Minute (Volume 2) Big Screen Hull 09–10.08
One Minute Film and Video Festival Aarau Switzerland 22–24.08.08

Web Exhibitions

One Minute Visualcontainer TV 26.07–01.09.17

Study in Light and Form #1 and #2 are two twenty-four-hour time-lapse studies of a tulip, referencing the flower responsible for the Dutch tulip mania of the 1600s.

Made for the One Minute Volume 2 programme curated by Kerry Baldry